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Welcome to the Gloucestershire Wildfowlers Association new web site

The GWA was formed in 1956 by a small group of local wildfowlers whose vision and foresight laid the foundations of what has since grown into on of the largest wildfowling clubs in the UK. There have been many changes during the clubs history; most notable is the increase in the area of shooting ground available to our members. This now extends to over 30 miles of the Upper Severn Estuary, including both banks. All of these areas are managed for conservation in cooperation with landowners, farmers, conservation partners and government agencies..

A key ongoing objective for the GWA is to introduce the next generation of sportsmen and women to wildfowling. Both in association with BASC and independently we run young shots days every summer which are open to members and non-members alike. These days are carefully designed to intorduce youngsters to country sports in general. These days are always well attended and are an important feature of our underlying principles of promoting Conservation, Education and Recreation on the Severn Estuary.

The association is actively pursuing a land purchase policy, alongside the leasing of new marshes, to preserve responsible and sustainable wildfowling for future generations. The GWA has earned a reputation as being a forward thinking high profile club and is regarded as one of the top ten BASC affiliated Wildfowling associations. New members are always welcome and we have a well established structure for introducing newcomers to the sport.

The evening of the young shots day was here and we made our way to Wainlodes to meet up with the others. As we arrived and were walking across the fields Mallard were circling trying to come into the flash that runs along the field.
After a brief discussion over who was shooting where the decoys were afloat, it then went very quiet and there was not a duck to be seen for a good 45 minutes, just as I was beginning to worry that we may struggle the first ducks appeared, and dropped into the water unsaluted. This was the start of a very good flight, there were a few misses before a pair curled in front of our position and a hen Mallard was dropped by my lad with the second shot, the ducks kept coming in small groups and in total 4 Mallard were dropped between the 3 lads that were out.
It was a resounding success and was great to see the youngsters getting stuck in and bagging a few birds. Congratulations go to Ted who got his first ever bird.

Frampton Country Fair 2015

This years Frampton Country Fair took place in The Park, Frampton on Severn on Sunday 13th September 2016. As normal the GWA was there answering questions and promoting GWA activities and membership.
The stand was visited this year by HRH Duchess of Wessex who's uncle was member of the GWA, and HRH the Duke of Wessex attended a punt gun demonstration later in the day.

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